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Break through the traditional legal service model featuring high cost by launching various annual retainer packages for corporate business and court proceedings.
providing legal advice and service to the local community. We provide a full range of services to our clients, whilst still offering a personal service by fostering friendly, loyal and pro-active client relationships. Our lawyers are focused on achieving practical and cost-effective outcomes for our clients.

Latest News

Lim & Lok Solicitors Foshan Office, the first Hong Kong-funded law firm in Foshan City, formally commenced business on 27 September 2017 at Unit J, 6/F, Tower 2, AIA Financial Center, 1 Denghu East Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

In our ribbon-cutting ceremony that day, we were honoured to have the presence of Huang Meixin (deputy director of Lawyer Work Management Office of the Department of Justice, Guangdong), Zeng Guoxuan (investigator of Foshan Municipal Justice Bureau), Jin Yonggang (deputy director of Justice Bureau of Nanhai District, Foshan City), Chen Fang (vice chairman of Guangdong Lawyers Association), Cao Jianyu (vice chairman of Foshan Lawyers Association) and many famous lawyers in Foshan.

As the Mainland and Hong Kong get more linked in economy and life, it has become increasingly common for Hong Kongers and the Mainlanders to shuttle to work, invest, settle down and buy houses on each other’s sides.As a result, there come such issues as cross-border civil litigations, criminal litigations, business affairs, legacy affairs and family affairs.

The Foshan Office is intended to enhance cooperation between lawyers in Hong Kong and the Mainland to provide our clients on both sides with better cross-border legal service.

Practice Areas

The professional staff at Lim & Lok Solicitors are committed to providing legal advice and service to the local community. We provide a full range of services to our clients, whilst still offering a personal service by fostering friendly, loyal and pro-active client relationships.


Civil litigation

Service includes:

  • Employees compensation
  • Labour disputes
  • Accident claims
  • Occupational accidents and death claims
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Rental disputes and settlement
  • Monetary claims

Civil and Corporate Litigation

Given that our firm is familiar with the different procedures relating to Civil and Corporate cases (including: making claims for recovery of payment, application for summary judgment, carrying out of judgments and orders as soon as possible, suggestion of appeal and counter-claim, rebuttal of unreasonable claims, application for injunctions), we are able to use the most effective and pragmatic methods of helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Our firm offers a free legal consultancy mtirjg, in order for our clients to better understand the issues and problems that they are facing.
We can provide some basic legal consultancy service free of charge to help our clients understand how to deal with problems they face.

  • Petition for removal of trustee
  • Election disputes
  • Payment into court of a sum sufficient for the redemption of original properties
  • Land resumption
  • Tso Tong matters
  • Legacy disputes
  • Mortgagors’ disputes
  • Servitude and wayleave disputes
  • Pecuniary claim

Criminal and corporate crime

Assisting our clients both before and after arrest, providing legal advice regarding the criminal law procedures of Hong Kong.
  • Accompanying clients at police station, ICAC, or other law enforcement offices in order to protect client rights and interests
  • Under special circumstances, replying on behalf of clients
  • Apply for bail
  • Defending clients from the Magistrates to the High Court, including corporate crime cases
  • Entering appeals, from the Court of Appeal to the Court of Final appeal
  • Assisting clients enter plea and mitigation at court

Registration of trademarks and patents

Our firm handles all applications for Hong Kong trademarks, foreign trademarks, search of the trade mark register, hearings for the dispute of trademark ownership, application for patents, and all inquiries regarding trademark and patent ownership.


Our firms handles all conveyancing, transfer to next of kin, property re-mortgage, rental agreements, division of deed, and gift of property.

Application for Divorce

During the application for divorce, applicants must inform and satisfy the Court as to the reasons. According to the law currently in practice regarding divorce, there are 5 grounds for which divorce may be granted, as follows:-
  • Adultery;
  • Unreasonable behaviour, making it impossible for one of the parties to continue living with the other;
  • Both parties have lived separately for a period of one year, and both parties consent;
  • Both parties have lived separately for two years, without the need for consent; and
  • One of the parties has abandoned the other party for more than one year.
We can also apply for the annulment of the marriage. Our firm offer our clients comprehensive advice as to how best to present the Petition to the court .


Family and marriage matters and hearings

Our firm understands that problems within a marriage can bring stress and unhappiness, and so we strive to provide the most effective and timely solution for our clients' problems.
Our firm's services include:
  • Drafting Deed of Separation documents
  • Drafting documents for appointment of legal guardian
  • Application for custodial rights and alimony (maintenance)
  • With both contentious and non-contentious divorce, the application for custodial rights and ancillary relief
  • Application for the amendment of a Court Order relating to custody of children
  • Application for the amendment of a Court Order relating to alimony (maintenance)
  • Carrying out of Court Orders and Judgment Summons
  • Application for taking a child out of the Jurisdiction of Hong Kong
Generally speaking, the entire process for applying for a divorce will take around 4-6 months. However, if there are disputes as to the custody of children, or any disputes as to monetary settlements and payments, then the process will be longer.


Civil Celebrant

According to Cap 181 of the Marriage Ordinance, a civil celebrant has the capacity to witness the marriages of persons within Hong Kong. Our firm offers this service, including:
  • Preparation of the written consent of the intention to marry
  • Filing the said written consent of intention to marry at the Marriage Registry
  • Obtaining the certificate of the Registrar
  • Preparing the Marriage Certificate (two copies) and Statement
  • Attendance of our lawyer at the place of marriage
  • Lodging a copy of the marriage certificate and statement at the Marriage Registry

Personal Injury and Employee claims

Our firm assists with work-related accident compensation claims, including injuries sustained during the course of employment, medical blunders, road traffic accidents and compensation for casualties caused by human negligence
We offer a free 30-min legal consultation. Feel free to contact us to book your slot!


Capital Investment Entrant Immigration

Our firm has experience handling individual immigration and related services, helping our clients immigrate to Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Uruguay and many other popular destinations and locations.
  • Immigration through the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
  • Application for [ ], as well as related annual declaration, renewal and
  • obtaining of visas
  • Application for third country rights of abode
  • Application for visa for entering Hong Kong
  • Regulations related to entering and leaving Hong Kong [DELETE AFTER COMMA]
  • Extension of visa, including investment, specialist workers, family, and others

Wills and Probate

Our firm handles probate, wills, distribution of the estate of the deceased, and disputes as to the estate of the deceased. We also offer legal opinion on draft Wills.
  • Offering legal opinion on inheritance matters
  • Disputing or opposing the valuation of a property made by the Rates and Valuation Department
  • Application for the opening of the deceased's safety deposit boxes
  • Application for Letters of Administration/ Letters of Administration (with Will annexed)/ Probate
  • Application for Grant De Bonis Non, Grant Cessate, and other type of Grants
  • Application for grants under Non-Contentious Probate Rules, Rule 29(b)
  • Application for grants under Non-Contentious Probate Rules, Rule 29, regarding Deceased who was domiciled outside of Hong Kong
  • The process of notarising documents and sealing at Embassy
  • Filing of Caveat at Probate Registry
  • Filing of warning to sent to Caveator
  • Withdrawal of Authorisation Letter
  • Obtaining Guarantee from Insurance Companies
  • Arranging the translation of documents issued overseas, such as death certificates, birth certificates and marriage certificates
  • Application for the wavier of the Guarantor
  • Drafting Guarantees for independent guarantors
  • Providing legal advice on construction licences or clauses against alienation
  • regarding new granted leases
  • Applying for the removal of clauses against alienation or transfer agreements
  • Providing legal advice on contracts regarding family arrangements
  • Drafting assents and Vesting Assignment of Deed transfer deeds
  • Providing legal advice on the distribution and handling of the estate


A lawyer will represent the Debtor at all hearings, saving any hassle on the behalf of the Debtor.
Our firm handles personal bankruptcy petitions, applications for debt restructuring, discharge from bankruptcy, and filling in the Debtor's Annual Return. All interested clients can request a meeting with our lawyers to discuss and manage the Petition for bankruptcy.
  • Petition for bankruptcy
  • Preparation of Preliminary Examination Questionnaire
  • Inform all creditors as to ceasing to all action with regards to sums owed
  • De-activating bank accounts
  • Lawyer attendance at hearings
  • Discharge from bankruptcy

About Us

Lim & Lok Solicitors offers civil litigation and annual retainer packages, a service that is tailor-made for small and medium sized enterprises or civil litigation cases. Our member companies can enjoy an all-round legal service — including contract drafting and approval, legal letter drafting and litigation —for an affordable annual fee. We can tailor-make different legal service packages to cater for the needs of different clients.​

Legal Seminar

We have a special probate affairs team, which has long been engaged in Hong Kongers’ will-making, probate, Hong Kong-based probate of Mainland residents, Hong Kongers’ inheritance of Mainland-based property and other legal affairs. With rich experience in handling will-making and complex legacy cases across the Mainland and Hong Kong and deep understanding of the differences in legal systems between the Mainland and Hong Kong, the team can help clients solve various legacy problems in the Mainland and Hong Kong. The probate affairs team led by lawyer Lok Tze Bong is committed to providing clients with efficient and attentive professional services.

We will hold various law seminars on a regular basis to help anyone interested learn more about law-related issues. Following are topics we previously shared:

  • Wills and Probate
  • Marriage and Family Affairs of Hong Kongers
  • Marriage and Family Affairs of Mainlanders

Please visit this website regularly to sign up for the latest seminar.

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Lim & Lok Solicitors

Break through the traditional legal service model featuring high cost by launching various annual retainer packages for corporate business and court proceedings

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